1. Clothing for outdoor activities
  2. Beachwear – sports
  3. Trench coat (raincoat), coat
  4. Baby clothes for toddlers


  1. Various fabrics are produced in response to the desire of people who want to spend time in nature after city life. In the production of fabrics, durability, compliance with performance characteristics and practicality of use are the main principles. Typically, the properties of elasticity, breathability, sweat transfer and water repellency are used in paints. Nylon, polyester and cotton are used, which are indispensable when choosing yarn.
  2. In accordance with the criteria and requirements of our customers, especially in the field of water sports, which are necessary in the hot season, many types of fabrics are produced in shorts that will be used for the sea and the pool. The collection, created for the purpose of fast drying, high light resistance and long-term use, is offered to our customers.
  3. Since sportswear is a constantly expanding and developing product line, our company also produces and offers its customers fabrics made of nylon, polyester and cotton.
  4. Our company, which produces special water-repellent, membrane laminators and polyurethane fabrics for coats and raincoats that can be used throughout the year. The fabrics used in these products will provide comfort in many activities.
  5. With the collection that we have created in accordance with the requirements of our customers aged 0 to 14 years who are engaged in production and have difficulty finding fabrics according to the desired characteristics, we produce fabrics focusing primarily on children in terms of comfort, health and practicality.